Midnight Court (Irl/D/Ind)

“Irish Tradition X-tended”

Midnight Court are Aaron Shirlow (Belfast) vocals, guitar and songwriter, Noel Minogue (Tipperary) button accordion, vocals and Bernd Lüdtke (Berlin) fiddle, bouzouki, bodhrán and vocals.

Since the band was formed in 1995 they have toured solo and with various festivals in Ireland, Germany, Scandinavia, Poland, Spain and in the U.S.A. They have so far produced three internationally renowned CD’s, “Half moon over the mountains”, Ear to the ground” and “ Ring the bell.. run like hell” and are at present working on their fourth studio album “Grooving the green”.

Together with the German Opera in Berlin, they composed and performed the music to the contemporary dance theater piece “Celtic Touch” which toured to critical acclaim in Ireland, putting Midnight Court into the limelight musically and confirming the band's ability and talent as composers and arrangers.

There followed soon after an invitation from the State Theater of Wiesbaden, Germany, to write along with flautist Brian O’Connor, the soundtrack for the dance Show “Irish Soul” and thanks again to it's musical originality, it became an immediate success with audiences and media. This led to interest coming from one of the country’s leading Television company's (Hessischer Rundfunk), producing a documentary of the show, which has now been seen by more than 150.000 people so far.

Along with (Creole World Music 2006) award winner Ravi Srinivasan (India) tablas, harmonium, santoor and vocals and flute virtuoso Brian O’Connor (Ireland) flute and whistles, the band extends itself from a trio into a celtic/world/fusion quintet, with it’s sound still very much rooted in Irish Traditional Music.

A thrilling and impressive, listen and danceable, spectacular top-class live act! of vocal, instrumental and rhythmical music.