Come West Along The Road

Come West Along The Road
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Folk Michel - A milestone in Irish instrumental music on flute and whistle.

With Brian O'Connors we are most certainly not dealing with a Hardliner. The virtuoso whistler and flautist from Dublin was not shy about surrounding himself with Friends from America, Germany or Poland, with guitars, basses, all kinds of percussion instruments and even keyboards, the latter which he also played himself. Even keyboard hating critics break out in joy, seriously.! The pieces were arranged imaginatively and very creatively to fit his choice of material. The musicians gave their all, but never crowded or exaggerated.

And for the entertainment of the listener he added some special surprises. Anyone who would like to hear Geraldine MacGowans musical partner without the voice, is more than well served here and all others as well !!.

Michael Flatley - It really has become one of my favourite discs.

.."This is just a quick note to say thank you ever so much for your CD "Come West Along The Road" It really has become one of my favourite discs. "... …" As soon you record the next one let me know as I'd really hate to miss it"…

Magnetic Music Records - Virtuoso melody player on flutes and whistles.

Brian has been one of the most important artists in our company for almost 20 years now. First he toured with the legendary band Oisin. Since the start of Geraldine MacGowan's solo career, he has been at her side, and can be heard on all five of her albums. Brian is equally at home providing sensitive keyboard accompaniment or virtuoso melody playing on flutes and whistles.

His solo album "Come West along the Road" shows him to be one of the great Irish whistle and flute players. His breakneck, staccato style, his expressive over blowing, dropping overtones into a tune like spots of colour, and his great talent for improvisation are Brian's trademarks. He was a guest musician on the last two Bachelors Walk albums and collaborated with Midnight Court on the soundtrack for the modern ballet "Irish Soul"

Rambles - A flowing creation from start to finish.

Come West Along the Road features Brian O'Connor with some fantastic Irish whistle and flute playing. He keeps the rhythm lively and quick. Moving from whistles to flute to low whistles, the CD keeps your toes tapping. This shows a vibrant side of O'Connor that, accompanied by Christ Jones on guitar, makes the air sing. I really think they've got a good thing going here. And there are some accents from Michael Witzel on drums who has also played with Chris de Burg, Johannes Eichenauer on keyboard and Frieder Gottwald on bass. Roman Knocker the well known Jazz guitarist plays on one of the tracks. With a feverish tempo for some tracks, O'Connor rolls around between traditional tunes with out any hesitation. He puts a fresh sound to many of them. This is his only solo album but O'Connor also plays with Geraldine McGowan, was a member of the band Oisin and was a guest musician on two Midnight Court albums.

I couldn't find anything wrong or missing here. It's a wide arrangement of tunes, a flowing creation from start to finish and not a boring moment or off-putting note. Some of the tunes included were "The Golden Eagle," "The Iron Man," "Did You Wash Your Father's Shirt," "The Derry Hornpipe" -- and I was really taken with the funky, deep beat of "The Blackbird." You can't go wrong with this one.